EQUAL Day 2019

Law and|or Civil Disobedience

Octobre 17, 2019 - Brussels - Flagey


Disobedience and its relationship to the law

This mode of action raises a significant number of fundamental questions that we would like to explore with you.

Is disobedience a right? And if it is, what place should it have? What place is there for the disobedient in the face of justice in a state governed by the rule of law?

Where do we draw the line between disobedience and insurrection, violence, or even revolt? Is civil disobedience just a means of taking action, or is it an end in itself?

Is this mode of action capable of convincing public opinion, of transcending society’s disagreements to express a common will?



  • Introduction


    Get started! Let’s all get started!

    You do not have to be an expert in disobedience to participate. We shall start the day with some important concepts: basic principles, techniques used, historical and political context, links with the notion of the rule of law, violent or peaceful civil disobedience, individual or collective, etc.


  • Testimonials


    I disobey, you disobey, ...

    For some, disobedience is a regular practice. Others experience it through the involvement of someone close to them or an acquaintance. Still others observe it from a distance, are interested in it, and undoubtedly want to practise it in their turn. We invite you to share your respective experiences in the light of some testimonials.


  • Workshop


    Is disobedience a fundamental right?

    After a short presentation of the current legal framework of disobedience, we propose a co-construction workshop so as to make proposals jointly to clarify and extend this legal framework, or to reach the conclusion that it is not useful or opportune, and may even be dangerous. The conclusions of our reflections will be published after the event.


  • Cinema


    "The Valley" by Nuno Escudeiro

    By welcoming refugees, the inhabitants of the Roya Valley in the Alpes-Maritimes broke the law. The documentary "The Valley" chronicles their resistance to the brutality of a policy that is limited to the expulsion of these migrants. “Volunteers from the Roya Citoyenne association became aware of the irregularities committed by the representatives of the state”.

    Flagey - Studio 5

  • Repas


    Standing buffet and music

    Let’s continue talking and sharing over a good meal with a stirring musical background Enlivened by Mononk’s Band, the dinner will be offered by associations committed to healthy and environmentally friendly food. Registration is required for the evening, in order to avoid waste.



We ask you to estimate the price you are wiling to pay to attend. The minimum is 2€ (without supper) or 5€ (supper included). To give you an idea, we invest about 50€ per participant. Contact us by email if you do not wish to pay online.